The Project plan  of Drones4Safety has been designed to meet the objectives of the project.

The structure consists of 9 Work Packages (WPs): one for project management (WP1), one technical WP for the overall drone system specification, requirements analysis and use case definitions (WP2), four parallel technical WPs (WP3-WP6), one technical work package for system integration, test bed establishment, validation and demonstration (WP7), one for dissemination, communication and exploitation (WP8) and one for ethical issues related to the project (WP9).

Each Work Package is expected to produce outputs ensuring the best achievement of a goal. These deliverables can be products, services, project reports or meetings. The table below show the list of deliverables for each work package with the report of the deliverables approved by the European Commission. 

It is possible to download the deliverable reports in order to evaluate the progress of the project. 

D1.1 D4S Project start-up package
D1.2: Data Management Plan 

D3.1: Specification of harvester system

D4.3: Virtual inspection module

D5.1: Specification of the multi-drone swarm system including test and validation aspects
D5.2: Multi-drone system threat analysis and specification of the security system design 
D5.3: Collaborative drone swarm system hardware and software 
D5.4: Test and validation report

D6.1: Specification of the Drone Inspection as a Service platform

D6.2: Platform implementation with modules for planning, monitoring, and control
D6.3: Implementation of the platform with data flow and visualization modules
D6.4: Test and validation report

D7.2: Case study application 1: railway inspection
D7.3: Case study application 2: bridge inspection

D8.1 Project Website  
D8.3: Report on Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation activities 
D8.4: Report on stakeholders’ engagement and liaising with other EU initiatives 
D8.5: Recommendations for Standardisation and Policy Making 
D8.6: Regulatory Gap/Barriers Analysis