ICRA Workshop 2022: Advanced Drones for Autonomous Infrastructure Inspections


Autonomous operations of drones have significantly increased in the last few years, spanning from autonomous infrastructure inspections to interactions and manipulation of hard-to-reach objects. Drones integrate several technologies and algorithms for accomplishing their tasks (e.g., path planning and scene reconstruction, 3D sensing, localization, exploration, and navigation). That poses many power, communication, and computation-related challenges due to the enormous amount of data that needs to be processed onboard the drone in real-time. In this workshop, we explore the emerging unconventional methods to cope with these challenges such as reconfigurable hardware for advanced computing, novel ways to harvest energy, efficient and intelligent methods for object detection and swarm systems.

We aim to bring researchers from academia and industry from across multiple disciplines, including hardware design, power electronics, AI, and wireless communication to demonstrate the design of the future intelligent drone system that is capable of inspecting continuously transport infrastructures to assure their safety.