New Drones4Safety public deliverables now available

D4S New Deliverables

Within Drones4Safety a range of public deliverables are required to be produced by the consortium and submitted and approved by the European Commission. As the work progresses, deliverables officially approved are upload in the website.

Yesterday the recently approved Drones4Safety public deliverables have been featured on the Outcomes section. Below the list: 

  • D1.2 Data Management Plan
  • D2.4 Use-case Document
  • D3.1 Specification of harvester system
  • D5.1 Specification of harvester system
  • D5.2 Multi-drone system threat analysis and specification of the security system design
  • D6.1 Specification of the Drone Inspection as a Service platform
  • D6.2 Platform implementation with modules for planning, monitoring and control
  • D6.3 Implementation of the platform with data flow and visualization modules

The project deliverables showcase the progress made in the project thus, are organised according to the projects work packages and can be opened or downloaded by clicking on their title on the Outcomes section. . Have a look at the project progress.

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