Final Dissemination Event of Drones4Safety and Labyrinth

Final Dissemination Event

The Drones4Safety project is delighted to announce that on 22nd May the Final dissemination event will be held jointly with the Labyrinth project in Brussels at Eurocontrol.



The Final Dissemination Event is a landmark event allowing Drones4Safety and Labyrinth to share outcomes and disseminate their results. After a brief welcome session, both projects will present their work and main progress to the audience. Then, the event will continue with a showcasing and networking session, where participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to the partners involved in the projects. Download the full agenda..

When and where?

The event is free access and will be held on 22 May at Eurocontrol (Rue de la Fusée 96, Brussels 1130).


The Final Dissemination Event facilitates knowledge sharing and networking with stakeholders at local, national, and European levels, including government officials, EC project officers, security and safety experts in the transport domain, drones’ industries, safety managers, researchers, other H2020 and SESAR ER projects and members of civil society interested in the projects.

How to participate?

It is mandatory to register at this link by 12 May: Once registered, the day of the event you just need to present your ID at the Eurocontrol entrance.


For further information contact:

· Garbiñe Gonzalez:

· Marilea Laviola:


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