D4S Workshop with AB

Drones4Safety will hold its first Workshop with the Advisory Board on 12 February 2021, from 10 to 12am.

The workshop will be online and chaired by the project coordinator Prof. Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid, from the University of Southern Denmark. The objective of the workshop is to discuss the improvements of the project and collect feedback from the members of the Advisory Board. In this respect, all the members of the Advisory Board and the Work Package Leaders of the projects are asked to participate.

The Advisory Board is composed of key stakeholders such as industry and academic experts from robotics, AI, drone operation, inspection and energy harvesting systems domains, as well as leaders from related projects. During the workshop, the AB members will be able to give a valuable insight on the current state-of-art of the project. Then, they will be asked to discuss about the project, its methodology and the feasibility of the proposed approach. Finally, the last part of the workshop will be focused on the potential synergies and links to implement with related projects.   

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